Thursday | 2.11.2016
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Current Update

HR Leaders Faced With New Challenges As Medical Marijuana Becomes More Common; Cyber Security Needed; 

An insurance exchange offering the best possible healthcare insurance options  to small businesses and individuals is now available.

Growth of Medical Marijuana means new challenges, answers from HR leaders.

CYber security starts with employees but must be proactive as threat grows.

Restoring Trust In An Age Of Cynicism Is Key To Greater Employee Morale.

Need content for employee communications, education programs? Information Strategies, Inc. can help.

60 Experts Offer HR Professionals Solutions To Today's Challenges

Painting a company picture speeds growth through better understanding of the enterprise's value proposition.


Q. Are holiday parties still high on company agendas?


A. "52 percent of executives said their employer is not holding a holiday celebration this year. This may put a damper on holiday spirits: Seventy-nine percent of managers and 75 percent of employees whose companies have these events indicated they enjoy them." Roberat Half International survey.


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